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Home is where the ART is

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My work is

My work is an expression of myself and how I feel about my surroundings.

My style is

I am self taught. I adore vibrant colour and expressive marks and that is reflected in my style. I primarily paint with my fingers because I love to feel and touch the paint. It makes me feel closer and more connected to my work and it’s a lot of fun! It brings out the child in me. I am far more drawn to ‘suggestion’ in art rather than specific detail. I try to make my art joyful.

My inspiration is

I am inspired by all the great expressionist artists – classic and contemporary. They connect to my heart somehow.

About Ruth Moloney

Ruth’s journey through art has been like any great voyage, full of ups and downs but always thrilling.

Having developed a love of art and expression as a child and from her studies in school, Ruth took a sideways move into a similar creative world as a leading marketing and advertising specialist but has always enjoyed art as a hobby and a form of theraputic expression.

Ruth kept her art fueled throughout her life while committing to a busy career and raising two small children.


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