“Blue Bee” – Signed Framed Print. Frame 21 x 17″


“Blue Bee” . Signed Framed Print. Frame 21 x 17″

While there is a growing awareness among most people that bees and bumble bees play a vital role as pollinators in the preservation of our eco-system, I also find that there is a great joy and tranquility in simply watching them hovering from flower to flower as they busily collect pollen for their young and feed themselves.  I’ve always enjoyed their large furry bodies and big white bums as they buzz around diligently getting to work on the brightest flowers in the garden.

“Blue Bee” is part of my Bee collection showcasing bees hard at work on some of our most vibrant and colourful florals.

Ruth Moloney is an Irish artist specialising in movement, seascapes , people and wildlife. Her vibrant colour palette and unique loose style reflects the movement and beauty of her subjects while each piece tells its own story.

Her fine art  prints are based on her original oil paintings which have been created using the impasto palette knife technique. Each print is mounted, framed and ready to hang. All prints are signed and titled by Ruth.

Size: Frame  21 x 17”

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  • Signed and titled by Artist
  • Fine Art prints
  • Mounted and ready to hang in a white wooden frame
  • Made in Ireland


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